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Orbit’s patent pending Pedestal Posts are NEMA 3R Listed raceways for switches and devices that serve power to nearly 99% of all common rooftop equipment. PP Series is a stand-alone support that requires just one roof penetration, without the need for extra bracing. Available in 30” and 60” heights, PP Series’ two-piece design reduces the amount of labor and material required to “stick-build” similar solutions in the field. Steel Stand protects conductors and devices from impact far better than tubular raceway. Grounding provisions are included, and model no. PP-60-S features Terminal Lugs that allow for easy bonding of safety switches per NEC.

Pedestal Posts allow conduit to be routed below the roof-line, which further reduces the number of roof penetrations needed. Minimal penetrations help to maintain rooftop integrity, and improve the overall roof aesthetic. This solution frees installers from moving heavy loads of material to the roof. Pedestal Posts can be installed discretely while other trades are working in the same area. Since most raceway is out of the sunlight, de-rating of conductors per NEC 310.15 is greatly reduced.
- NEMA 3R Listed raceway designed to mount devices that serve power to rooftop equipment
- UL Listed for Wet locations
- Stand-alone unit requires only one roof penetration and no additional bracing
- Route conduit paths below the roof line
- Base and Stand sold separately
- Ideal for off-site prefabrication
- Extension Coupling (PPEC-12) adds 12” of height to Stands (sold separately)
- Patent Pending
General Specifications:
Stand Material 13 GA Steel
Base Material 3 GA Steel
Coating Zinc Plating + Powder Coated
Color Grey
Mfg. Process Welded
PP-30-S Specifications:
- Two (2) 1-gang device openings with gasketed Blank Covers (1-BC)
- Includes 10-32 Ground Screw with 10" Solid Cu. #12AWG Pigtail (top opening)
PP-60-S Specifications:
- Three (3) 1-gang device openings with gasketed Blank Covers (1-BC)
- Two (2) #1/0-14AWG Double Terminal Lugs (center opening) with four (4) available terminals
Base Specifications:
- PP-30-B opening 3/4”
- PP-60-B opening 1-1/2”
- Includes Installation Instructions and four (4) 1/4"-20 Bolts for assembling the Stand
- Features four (4) hole provisions for 3/8” anchor bolts or stud anchors (not included, by other)
- New construction or retrofit
- Designed for every type of non-slanted commercial rooftop (membrane, metal, built-up, etc.)
- 60” Post is ideal for fused and non-fused safety switches that serve rooftop equipment (HVAC units, air handlers, VFDs, etc.)
- 30” Post is ideal for toggle switches, or providing service outlets within 25-ft of equipment per NEC 210.63
- Serving indoor industrial equipment (conveyor belts, machinery, motors, etc.)
- Outlet posts for outdoor planters, gardens, and atriums
- Access keypad stands for automatic entry gates
steel products ul certification  EC&M Product of The Year  2021 NECA show stopper 
UL File Number:




Trade Size

(W x D)



PP-30-B 8-35243-02899-9 Pedestal Post 30” Base 3/4" 10" x 10" 4 33 lbs
PP-30-S 8-35243-02900-2 Pedestal Post 30” Stand - 3" x 3" 4 32 lbs
PP-60-B 8-35243-02901-9 Pedestal Post 60” Base 1-1/2" 10" x 10" 2 16 lbs
PP-60-S 8-35243-02902-6 Pedestal Post 60” Stand - 3" x 3" 2 31 lbs
PPEC-12 8-35243-02924-8 PP-30 & PP-60 EXT. Coupling 12” - 12" x 3" x 3" 4 17.6 lbs

ROOF SEALANT DISCLAIMER: End users are advised to work with roofing contractor to ensure Pedestal Posts installed on rooftops are properly sealed in accordance with all applicable code enforcement agencies; authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ); city, county and state building codes; project specifications, et. al.

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