Announcing the Universal Mounting Adjustable Box and Adapter Assembly (UMAB) from Orbit Industries! Designed as the ultimate solution for mounting an Extra Deep 4" Square Box, the UMAB is a 4" Square, 3-1/2" Deep Box complete with a BUILT-IN adapter for mounting in a variety of different applications.

FA-UMAB mounted directly on SSB

Shown Installed Between Studs On SSB

          Using the built-in adapter, the UMAB can be mounted directly-to-stud or used with Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket for between stud and ceiling installations.

FA-UMAB installed directly on stud

Shown Installed Directly On Stud Flush And Adjusted

          The built-in adapter features guided-slots, allowing the box to be adjusted from flush up to 1-1/2” simply through loosening the outside screws. This adjustability enables the box to easily achieve a flush finish, eliminating any need for an extension ring. 




          Available unpainted as the UMAB, or with a red finish as the FA-UMAB for Fire Alarm applications, the box features 12 Side CKOs and 4 Bottom CKOs, each combining ½” and ¾” KOs. No assembly required as the UMAB ships preassembled with the adapter. 


          Continuously introducing new and unique products to the market, Orbit is dedicated to providing the market with innovative solutions. With the arrival of the Universal Mounting Adjustable Box, Orbit’s innovative offering has been expanded with the solution for mounting extra deep 4” square boxes. Patent Pending and UL-Listed.


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