Introducing Orbit's new series of True 5" Square Boxes and Accessories. With more than double the capacity of standard 4" square boxes, these new boxes provide the space needed to handle modern-day hospital, commercial, government and university data needs.

Grouping of True 5" Square Boxes

This new series consists of three different boxes; the T5B-50/200, the T5B-200 and the B-T5B. Each box features up to 75 cubic inches of space, 3-1/4" of depth and can also fit up to a 2" fitting. 


T5B-50/200 Installed With 12 Cables

T5B-50/200 installed for home run application

The T5B-50/200 features twelve side KOs, making it perfect for junction box and home run applications.


T5B-200 Installed With Cable

T5B-200 installed with cable

The T5B-200 features 1/2" up to 1-1/4" KOs and is available in blue as the B-T5B, both which make it ideal for data applications.

True 5" Square Box Accessories

Accessories include a blank cover offered in blue or unpainted colors, a reducer for 4" ring compatibility as well as partitions for multi-system installations. 

The 75 cubic inches of space provided by each box results in a quicker and easier wire routing experience. More circuits can be pulled through, reducing conduit and installation costs! Additionally, Orbit's boxes can store the BICSI-recommended slack cable loop, allowing for access and cable termination by a single technician. 

More so than reduced labor costs, this additional space allows installers to easily meet the minimum bend radius required in data wiring. This reduces the chance of short circuits and ground faults due to any cable stress brought on by cramped spaces. Installers will then spend far less time troubleshooting any issues that arise. Currently, Orbit's True 5" Square Boxes support all copper CAT and fiber optic cables available, featuring enough room to house predicted increases.

T5B-200 Installed On FMB-16 Bracket

T5B-200 installed on a FMB-16 with a 2-Gang 4" ring

Orbit's new series of True 5" Square Boxes were designed from the ground up with the contractors and distributor in mind. That's why each box perfectly fits every bracket featured in our Flat Bracket Family and Fixed Box Mounting Bracket series. This includes several kick bracket models, meaning Orbit currently offers the industry's ONLY kick brackets which fit 5" square boxes!

Furthermore, each bracket allows for said 5" square boxes to be mounted using 4" rings, meaning both installers and distributors need not worry about the material costs associated with stocking a whole additional line of new rings.

When a job calls for boxes that can handle a lot, do not hesitate to use Orbit's True 5" Square Boxes for increased labor savings and reduced costs. Every model featured is in stock and ready to ship.