Orbit’s latest innovation, the Simple Support Bracket, SSB, works alongside Orbit’s Universal Mounting Adapter, UMA, and Stud Mounting Adjustable Ring Series, WBAR1G and 2G to form a versatile Stud Bracket System. This system provides the installer with a solution for mounting boxes and devices between studs.

Simple Support Bracket

The Simple Support Bracket


         The SSB is adjustable from 16” to 24” and allows for the installation of up to 2 boxes between 16” studs and 3 between 24” studs. Once boxes are installed, they can be easily adjusted along the bracket. The SSB eliminates the need for a far-side back support as the bracket maintains its rigidity even when fully extended. Centerline cutouts and a mounting hole located on each side allow for efficient and accurate installations.

SSB installed with 3 boxes

SSB installed with 3 boxes


          Mounting boxes to the SSB is made simple with Universal Mounting Adapter, UMA, or Stud Mounting Adjustable Rings, WBAR Series. The UMA and the WBAR Series fit 4” and 4-11/16” square boxes and can be used with the SSB for stud-to-stud mounting, or on their own for direct-to-stud mounting.

                Universal Mounting Adapter                           Stud Mounting Adjustable Ring



UMA Installed         

The UMA accepts boxes and rings to form a versatile box and ring assembly, which can be preassembled and then easily snapped onto the SSB. For direct-to-stud mounting, simply use the centerline cutouts and mounting holes on the UMA’s flanges. The UMA is compatible with Orbit’s Adjustable Rings providing further versatility. 

UMA installed directly on stud


WBAR2 installed directly on stud


Like the UMA, the WBAR also can be used as a box adapter for the SSB or on its own for direct-to-stud mounting. The WBAR is available as a 1-gang or 2-gang model, WBAR1G/2G, and has an adjustability range of 1/4" to 1-1/4”. Adjustments can be made before and after installation and infinite extensions can be added in 3/4" increments providing a flush finish wherever wall depths are unknown.

WBAR2G on stud

           Finally, the Simple Support Bracket is available preassembled with a UMA and 4” or 4-11/16” square box with a 10” pigtail.

SSB-4S Preassembled

SSB preassembled


          In order to reduce installation time, Orbit is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for all your electrical needs. UL rated. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Orbit for product samples and literature.