The Large Capacity Box (5SLB-2MKO) is the ideal solution for high speed data communications and electrical installations. This Orbit Exclusive product provides 49.4 cubic inches of space that accommodates the bend radius requirements of high speed data cables. With more space, the installer can efficiently store large cables in the box.

        With the Large Capacity Box, there is no need to makeshift wiring boxes from NEMA enclosures and create large knockouts for large data cabling. The 2-1/2” deep box makes it effortless to coil the cables inside and maintain minimum cable bend radius. By doing so, cables are free from damage and can continue to run at optimal transmission speeds.

 Large Capacity Box (5SLB-2MKO)

        The larger knockouts are also vital to the box since NEC code standards require large data cable installations use 1-1/4” size conduit. In addition, Orbit now offers box dividers to separate low and high voltage compartments inside the box. Because of this, the Large Capacity Box dramatically reduces material and labor costs, and ensures that all cabling is installed properly.  This innovative steel box ultimately gives you the space you need with the added bonus of being up to code.

        As the manufacturer of electrical steel boxes, Orbit guarantees your data cable installations to be effortless and safe using the Large Capacity Box.  This box shortens troubleshooting time and provides the necessary space for high speed data communications and electrical installations. Contact Orbit today for a sample of the 5SLB Large Capacity Box.