Orbit is proud to introduce another industry first solutions-based product! Announcing the HABIT, a first-of-its-kind reusable tool which allows for a consistent and efficient installation of brackets at a set height.

Hand adjusting HABIT platform

What sets the HABIT apart is its adjustable and magnetic platform. Installers can easily adjust this platform by hand anywhere up to a 21" box center height. Said platform can then be locked, presetting it the desired height needed and guaranteeing that each installation is a uniform one.

Magnets holding bracket assembly on HABIT

Once the bracket is placed on the platform, the magnets hold it steady, meaning your assembly will stay secure and correctly positioned during both the travel and installation process!

After the bracket has been secured to the appropriate studs, the HABIT can be simply pulled away and reused with a separate bracket.

Pair of HABITs stacked

A pair of HABITs can even be stacked upon one another via a screw on the top plate and through holes in the base plate. This stackability allows the HABIT to be prepped for both switch and receptacle installations at the same time, with the top platform reaching box center heights from 27" up to 49".

HABIT surrounded by brackets and boxes

Additionally, the HABIT is compatible with every Orbit stud bracket available, including the Simple Support Bracket, the Flat Bracket Family, the Fixed Mounting Brackets and more!

Get in the HABIT of consistent installations today and have your next job be an easier one. The HABIT is Patent Pending, in stock and ready to ship.