Always looking to develop new and exciting electrical products, Orbit is proud to introduce the Fixed Position Box Mounting Bracket, FMB, and Box Mounting Adapter, BMA. Mount multiple boxes between studs with the FMB or mount directly-to-stud with the BMA.

 Fixed Position Box Mounting Bracket Group

          The FMB is available in two different models, the FMB-16 and FMB-24, to accommodate for different stud spacing.

 FMB Close Up

Mounting Holes are marked for ease of box and ring placement

          The FMB-16 mounts up to 3 boxes and rings between 16” studs while the FMB-24 mounts up to 4 between 24”. Both brackets feature various mounting holes which allow for the installation of 4”, 4-11/16” and even 5” square boxes! 4” rings can also be mounted on their own for low voltage applications. 

FMB-24 installed with boxes and rings

FMB-24 installed with a 4-11/16", 4", 5" square box and a 4" ring for Low Voltage applications.

          When mounted, all boxes are centered along the bracket. Centerline markings and mounting holes on the sides of the bracket allow for the FMB to be installed between studs efficiently every time.

 Box Mounting Adapter Group

          The BMA is available as the BMA-23 and BMA-4. Both models mount 4” and 4-11/16” boxes directly-to-stud. Mounting holes on the BMA also allow for the installation of 4” rings separately from boxes for low voltage applications.

 BMA-4 installed on stud

BMA-4 installed on stud.

          Each BMA model features an Adjustable Far Side Support which helps maintain rigidity once the box is installed. The BMA-23 features Far Side Support for 3-1/2” and 2-1/2” deep studs while the BMA-4 features Far Side Support for up to 4” deep studs. Similar to the FMB brackets, the BMA models feature a low profile design the limits drywall bulging when installed.

          Orbit’s offering of new and exciting products continues to expand with the arrival of both the Fixed Position Box Mounting Bracket and Box Mounting Adapter. Together, installing boxes and rings between or directly-on studs is now easier than ever! Contact Orbit for samples and literature. All models are in stock and ready to ship.