Orbit’s popular BCHS Pre-Fab Plates       

        Orbit’s introducing the latest line of Pre-Fab products, the Box and Conduit Hanger Support Plate (BCHS), that help contractors increase productivity and safety on the job site. The BCHS allows the installer to use this one plate to hang a box and install as many conduits as needed with one rod. Ultimately, this plate replaces the traditional method of using multiple rods to install and support hanging boxes and conduits and cuts down on the installation time. With the added feature of bent tabs, various plates can be used for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Each plate in the BCHS line has a unique installation advantage which can be explored below:

The original BCHS 10 is a cost-effective method of hanging boxes and conduits horizontally that fits up to 6” X 6” boxes. It features pin holes and slots to secure conduit using conduit hangers. Standard installation of the BCHS 10 can be seen above.

bchs 10
BCHS 10 

The BCHS 6 fits up to 6” X 6” boxes and has bent tabs for vertical or horizontal mounting. Pin holes and slots are also included to secure as many conduits as needed.

bchs6 installed bchs 6 
BCHS 6  Installation of BCHS 6

The BCHS 6S features flanges on the outer edges of the plate for the use of one-hole straps. It can fit up to 6” x 6” boxes and includes bent tabs for vertical or horizontal mounting.

bchs 6s installation bchs 6s 
BCHS 6S  Installation of BCHS 6S

The BCHS-12 is ideal for hospitals, media centers, and locations that need large amounts of data and communication cables running in small spaces. The installer can mount up to one 12” x 12” box on the BCHS-12 or multiple smaller boxes either horizontally or vertically.

bchs 12 installation bchs 12 
BCHS 12  Installation of BCHS 12

        The BCHS plates are an innovative product line designed with the contractor in mind. If you would like more information about any of the BCHS products, feel free to contact us!