Floor Box

 Floor boxes may be used on both wood and concrete floor. All Orbit floor boxes are complete assemblies with steel box included.

Ultimate Support Bracket

Ultimate Support Bracket can be floor or wall mounted on wooden or metal studs.

LED Lighting

Orbit Electric is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler for led lighting, led landscape lighting and other energy efficient lighting.

Multiple Box Bar Hangers

Orbit Industries' Multiple Box Bar Hangers allow the installer to quickly slide electrical boxes to the ideal horizontal position between studs.

4'' Octagon Concrete Boxes

Orbit Industries' 4" round 1-gang device ring are used with 4'' Octagon Concrete Boxes to mount single device.

Box & Conduit Hanger Support

Orbit Industries' Box & Conduit Hanger Support allows the installer to hang each electrical box and attach multiple conduits using only one plate.

Company Introduction

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of Electrical construction materials catering to the wholesale distribution market. Our corporate office is located in Los Angeles, California.

For more than a decade now, Orbit Industries, Inc. has been expanding its product offerings as well as its distribution network. The Orbit name is established in many national markets through its extensive network of Sales Representative agencies.

Today Orbit offers a complete line of UL® and ETL® listed Steel Outlet Boxes and Covers, Wiring Devices, Conduit and Ground Fittings, Weatherproof Boxes and Covers, Wire and Cable Products, Photoelectric Controls, Exit Signs, Emergency Lights, Landscape and HID Lighting Products, LED Lighting, NEMA Enclosures and Electrical Fittings.


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