Hassle-Free Product for Receptacle Installations
        One of the most exclusive products included in Orbit’s line of steel boxes is the Wide Tiger Grip Box (TGW). Through the 90-day Quick Response Manufacturing policy, the TGW was designed to fit bulky wiring devices such as GFCIs, dimmers, and occupancy sensors and provide extra room to make all wiring installations hassle-free.

TGW Steel Box 
The Exclusive Tiger Grip Box

        Typically narrow, the standard Tiger Grip boxes would cause frustration when fitting the wiring device into the constricted space. With a wide design, the TGW eliminates the need to pack in all the electrical components into a standard TG box. This product saves time and the trouble of installing large devices into a tight space. In addition, the TGW includes old-work clips that allow the installer to clamp the box to the drywall with ease. For more options, Orbit also offers the Old Work Tiger Grip (TGMW) Box that is both wide and deep with a total of 18.5 cubic inches of space. 

standard receptacle TGW Installation
GFCI installed in a standard TG box  GFCI installed in a spacious TGMW box 

        With history of working in the field, Orbit’s management team knew the difficulty of using regular Tiger Grip boxes. By widening the traditional TG box by ¼”, our engineering team developed a solution to make receptacle installations easier. The Wide Tiger Grip box is your solution to all your old work receptacle installation needs. Contact Orbit today for a sample of the TGW or the TGMW.