The Ultimate in Prefab Products

        Here at Orbit, we are your solutions-based manufacturer. Our prefab products increase efficiency and meet the demands of any contractor. Included in Orbit’s Prefab product line is the Ultimate Support Bracket System (USB). Suited for commercial applications such as hospitals, offices, or tenant improvements (TI), the USB system provides flexibility and versatility for any installation.

USB Bracket 
The Ultimate Support Bracket

        The USB is one of Orbit’s most versatile prefab products. This product allows the installer to mount the USB horizontally as a stud-to-stud wall bracket or vertically as a floor/kick-in bracket. The installer can also fit up to three 4S/5S boxes on a single USB using the available snap-on mounting brackets. Even more, a built-in MC/pipe support is included on the bracket system to eliminate the need of a separate MC/pipe support and installation.

 USB vertical
Can be horizontally or vertically mounted

        The greatest advantage of this system is the flexibility of installation. The USB can be adjusted from 14” to 24” in stud spacing or 8” to 24” for floor heights, making it the most adaptable bracket system. With the steel box mounting brackets snapped on, the installer can slide any 4S/5S box at a specific height and modify it after installation if needed. This makes it easy to place a steel box on a stud which ultimately gives the installer adjustable freedom to adapt and change the bracket to the needed height requirement.  

 USB brackets
 Flexible and versatile; Can install up to three 4S/5S boxes

        What sets the USB apart from all other mounting brackets is that it is available with a 4S/5S steel box with pigtail and far-side back support installed. The USB system can easily be pre-assembled offsite, saving time, costs, and materials for the job site. Installations are more efficient and convenient; the USB guarantees your installation needs are met every time. 

 USB assembled
USB system assembled with far-side back support,
snap-on moutning bracket and 4S steel box

        At Orbit, we understand the work it takes to be more efficient on a job.  Flexible and versatile, the USB system offers great benefits to you that make installations quick and easy in the field. Keep your installations simple and begin using the Ultimate Support Bracket System on your next job. Contact [email protected] for product samples and literature.