Orbit Industries is proud to present the Telescoping Support Bracket, TSB, an adjustable stud-to-stud mounting bracket for mounting boxes between wood or metal studs. The TSB is rigid and ships preassembled, increasing efficiency on the jobsite.

Telescoping Support Bracket

Telescoping Support Bracket


          The TSB has an adjustable range of 16” to 27”, fitting most stud spacing at any height. When fully extended, the TSB’s inward flanges make it one of the most rigid brackets in the industry, eliminating the use of a back support. 

          The TSB is designed to fit 4” (4S), 4-11/16” (5S), and Multi-gang boxes with ease. Different sized junction boxes can be secured simultaneously, all while still maintaining the boxes’ center alignment. When installed, boxes are easily adjustable just by loosening the screws and sliding the box along the bracket before securing.

    TSB with 2 boxes installed                 TSB with mulitgang box

TSB with 4S and 5S box installed TSB with 8-gang multigang box installed


          Each bracket is designed with a centerline marking and mounting holes to ensure that the installation is accurate and efficient. To install, simply align the mounting holes with the studs and secure. 

TSB mounting hole and centerline marking

Mounting hole and centerline marking


          Finally, the TSB is packaged preassembled, saving assembly time. Labor-saving and rigid, Orbit’s Telescoping Support Bracket is an efficient solution to stud-to-stud mounting. UL rated. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Orbit for product samples and literature.