The FA-5SXB-5075 Fire Alarm Box is the most spacious fire alarm box in our line of steel products. With a 5-1/2” Square and 3-1/2” depth, the installer can place any large device such as a speaker, horn, or strobe light with ease. Fire alarm cable systems can be installed efficiently without the need for extension and transition pieces.

FA Box
 Spacious FA-5SXB-5075 Fire Alarm Box

        The increased width and depth of the FA-5SXB-5075 accommodates for extra deep devices and added wire capacity which eliminates the risk of damaging wires. A red powder coat finish provides easy identification of products containing cabling of fire alarm systems. The fire alarm box has a 2-hr fire rating and meets all NEC requirements.

        The variety of holes and slots on the box allow for easy wall or ceiling mounting. Four device holes are located on the front of the box to allow for standard device installations. Featured ½” and ¾” knockouts can be used for any wiring configuration and can be installed in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

FA box with strobe light
 Easy to install sirens, horns, or strobe lights

        Orbit’s FA-5SXB-5075 Fire Alarm Box is a perfect fit for any life safety device. Easy to use and easy to identify, this fire alarm box will become an essential part to your fire alarm system. Contact Orbit today for a sample of the FA-5SXB-5075 Fire Alarm Box.