Featuring a host of flat brackets for between stud and kick applications, Orbit’s exclusive Flat Bracket Family is the only source needed for your bracket installations.

KFB-318 installed with 4", 4-11/16" and 5" square boxes

Orbit's KFB-318 Flat Bracket with a 4", 4-11/16", and 5" square box installed

The family features Flat Horizontal and Kick Brackets, each with mounting holes that allow for 4”, 4-11/16”, and 5” square boxes. This means that Orbit currently offers the industry’s only kick bracket which fits 5” square boxes. Furthermore, these 5” boxes are made compatible with 4” rings through the bracket's mounting holes, reducing material costs. All 4” rings can be mounted on brackets independently of boxes for low voltage applications.

FB-3 and FB-4

Orbit’s Flat Horizontal Brackets consist of two models, the FB-3 and FB-4. The FB-3 fits up to 3 boxes and rings between 16” studs, while the FB-4 fits up to 4 boxes and rings between 24” studs. Additional width and slotted mounting holes on each side of the bracket result in additional adjustability and flexibility on studs before securing takes place.

KB-18, KFB-318 and KFB-418

With three different models, the KB-18KFB-318, and KFB-418, the Flat Kick Brackets offered are some of the most unique in the industry. Measuring at a height of 18”, Orbit’s Flat Kick Brackets are perfect on jobsites where a standard height is needed. Each bracket also features a back support which measures up to 6” for additional stability, as well as a bendable bottom center mark which indicates placement after drywall installation.

Close-up on the CS-CJ6 on the KFB-318 installed

Two of the kick bracket models, the KB-18 and KFB-318, further feature a pre-installed Cable Strap (CS-CJ6) for cable support. This CS-CJ6 fits up to 6 sheathed non-metallic cables or 4 MC and AC cables.

With brackets for between stud and kick applications, Orbit’s Flat Bracket Family is one of the most versatile families on the market. UL-Listed, in stock and ready to ship. Contact us for sample and literature today!