EZ-Hang Box: D5SDB-CKO-S


          Suspended Box installations have never been so easy! The EZ-Hang Box, Part# D5SDB-CKO-S, is an exclusive product designed to easily secure rods, allowing for a fast and efficient suspended box installation.

D5SDB-CKO-S Vs Traditional Box



          Orbit’s EZ-Hang Box is a Drawn 4-11/16” Square, 2-1/8” Deep Box with three 3/4” KOs on the back. What makes the EZ-Hang Box unique is the 0.27” Diameter Hole, which replaces the back-center KO located on traditional boxes.

D5SDB-CKO-S close up with threaded rod


          This 0.27” Diameter Hole allows the EZ-Hang Box to effortlessly secure a 1/4” Threaded Rod. No washers are needed throughout the installation, further reducing time spent.

D5SDB-CKO-S installed on BCHS


          The EZ-Hang Box also works wonderfully with Orbit’s BCHS Plates, securing to the Plate through the use of a 1/4” Threaded Rod. By easily securing to the Plate, the EZ-Hang Box can be secured using one plate and rod rather than multiple rods, providing an overall more efficient suspended box installation.


          Through the introduction of the EZ-Hang Box, Orbit continues to prove a commitment to providing new and innovative products in response to the needs of the market. If you have a product idea, we’ll listen! With our experienced team of contractors and engineers, we can turn any electrical product concept and make it a reality in 90 days or less! Orbit’s 90-Day Quick Response Development policy has resulted in products such as the BCHS Plates, Easy Access Lighting Box and the Wide Tiger Grip Box. Submit your idea today!


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