Making all fixture installations easier, quicker, and safer!

        Orbit’s Easy Access Lighting Box (EALB) is a fast and versatile product for fixture installations. With the EALB, installations are safe, cut down on installation time and require only one person to hang a fixture or CCTV.


        The EALB can be used to easily hang lighting fixtures, security cameras, exit signs, motion detectors, and other low voltage equipment. Once the box housing is mounted, the installer simply slides the cover plate into the box with the fixture mounted, completes the wiring with the side-panel exposed, and easily closes the box with the detachable side. Installation times are cut in half and the installer can safely move on to the next project. Even more, the EALB is UL rated to hold up to 90 lbs, enough to support almost any fixture.

ealb wiring
Wiring step when using EALB with swivel

         Another great advantage of using the EALB is the ability to change covers between the standard plate and the readily available swivel cover plate. The swivel cover, or the EALBS, plate offers more flexibility with a 20 degree swivel angle which reduces the impact on any fixture when struck. This is a great product that can be used for seismic retrofitting or in areas subjected to motion or vibrations. In addition, the EALBS can be used on slightly sloped ceilings to give you more installation options.

ealb exploded
Exploded view of the EALB

        With so many advantages, Orbit’s Easy Access Lighting Boxes are guaranteed to be safe, quick and easy to use. Ensure a properly installed fixture using the EALB and stay safe with Orbit.