Featuring holes for seismic wiring, the Conduit Locking Connector (CLCSL) prevents steel boxes such as the 4S, 5S, or EALBS from becoming loose due to motion or seismic disturbances. This innovative product can withstand vibrations, leaving fixtures such as exit signs and CCTV cameras correctly positioned.

Conduit Locking Connector (CLCSL)

        Orbit’s conduit locking connector securely installs threaded rigid conduit to the back of steel boxes with ½” or ¾” KO’s. The connector features a set-screw, locknut, and hooks to protect any fixture from rotating after installation.

                      CLCSL Installation
 Installation of Conduit Locking Connector. 1) Fasten CLCSL to the threaded conduit. 2) Tighten screw on the conduit. 3) Secure conduit to box using the locknut. 4) Mount seismic wires to surroundings. 

        The hooks on the CLCSL prevent junction boxes from rotating by inserting itself to the holes located on the back of any steel box. The set-screw and locknut are tightly screwed in to ensure proper installation and correct fixture positioning. The CLCSL is also available in both a ½” and ¾” sizes.

 CLCSL Installation
Completed Installation of CLCSL to a steel box

        This innovative product is everything you need for areas with high motion and seismic activity. Prevent fixtures from rotating by using the CLCSL. Contact Orbit for a sample of the Conduit Locking Connector.