Announcing the most efficient way to install boxes on bar hangers, Orbit’s Drop-On-Bar Slider Brackets, aka the BARB! By quickly attaching to 4” and 4-11/16” square boxes, the BARB allows for boxes to be easily dropped onto Orbit’s Adjustable Bar Hangers (BHA-16 & BHA-24) and repositioned, before or after the hangers have been installed. Available as the BARB and the BARB-CS, which features cable support pin holes, this exclusive product from Orbit revolutionizes box on bar hanger installations! 


The BARB attaches to 4” or 4-11/16” boxes with a single tek screw, forming a versatile box assembly. This assembly can be prefabricated onto a BHA before arriving to the job site or, if already on the field, simply dropped onto the BHA after the hanger is installed.

 4" Square Box being installed on BARB-CS

Preassembling the box assembly on a BHA is quick and easy. Simply drop the box onto the BHA then, utilizing the BARB’s bending locking tabs, lock the assembly onto the hanger. This holds the assembly steady on the hanger preventing any parts from coming loose during shipment.

 A shot of the BARB's locking tabs

For In-Field installations, simply drop the BARB assembly onto the desired BHA before or after the hanger has been installed between studs.

 A BARB assembly dropping onto a BHA

Once both the BHA is installed on studs and the BARB has been added, repositioning is easy. Simply adjust the assembly along the hanger with your hand until the desired position is found. Then secure the assembly to the hanger using tek screws. 

 A BARB Assembly being adjusted along a BHA

Multiple box assemblies can be easily added! Up to 2 between 16” studs and 4 between 24” studs.

 BHA installed between 24" studs with 4 BARB-CS Assemblies

The ease at which the BARB can be installed and adjusted along hangers, whether in a controlled environment or on the job site, makes it one of the most versatile products to use when installing boxes on bar hangers. Patent Pending and UL-Listed.

All products are in stock and ready to ship. For samples and literature, please contact Orbit.