Orbit Industries is proud to feature the Patented Adjustable Rings on today’s blog. From Orbit’s line of award-winning steel Prefab products, these Adjustable Rings are designed to easily install and hold 4” and 4-11/16” boxes, while also ensuring a flush finish where wall depths are unknown. They are available either in 1-Gang or 2-Gang and measure from 1/4” to 1-1/4”. Extensions and Universal Box Brackets are also available. 

AR with Extensions

          Orbit’s Adjustable Rings (4SAR1G, 4SAR2G, 5SAR1G, 5SAR2G) are the best in the industry because of their flexible and easy adjustability. With just a Phillips screwdriver you can easily access corner screws and adjust the ring before and after the devices are installed. Adjustments are allowed even after the dry wall has been installed. Furthermore, the adjustment screws are captive and thus will not fall behind the wall during an installation. This is an exclusive Orbit Industries product that is unlike any other ring in the market. 

          The Stud Mounting Adjustable Rings (WBAR1/2G) easily fit 6” x 6” NEMA Enclosures, a size that no other company produces, along with the standard 4” and 4-11/16”.  And because they fit easily into the NEMA Enclosures, they are perfect for data applications. They can be mounted on a wall via stud alone as well with no other support needed. The WBAR1/2G offer a versatility that provide exclusive labor-saving benefits only found from Orbit Industries.

WBAR2G Installed

          Extensions (1GX75, 2GX75) for the Adjustable Rings can add an additional 3/4” of depth. When added to the ring itself that gives a total of 2” of depth. Extensions can be added onto one another infinitely, meaning that one can create a flush finish regardless of wall thickness. To install simply mount to an Adjustable Ring with two 8-32 screws.

4SAR1G with the extension 1GX75

          Orbit’s Adjustable Rings are the only Rings on the market that allow for an ease of adjustability both before and after the installation of the device. With the Stud WBAR Series easily fitting into 6” x 6” NEMA Enclosures, a first of its kind, and Extensions allowing for adjustability to any depth needed, the Adjustable Rings are the best rings in the industry. They are indeed one of the most convenient, affordable, and labor-saving Prefab products that Orbit has to offer.  Contact Orbit for a sample of the Adjustable Rings.